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Brother Dynamic Walking Foot Set


Stronger, quieter and with improved sewing quality the new Brother Dynamic walking foot set includes both normal and open toe soles.

Sew multiple layers, quilts and sticky fabrics like leather and vinyl’s easily with the Dynamic Walking Foot Set.

The Dynamic Walking Foot set is a must for all dressmakers and quilters alike.

Key Features
  • Improved sewing quality
  • Quieter than the previous versions
  • With 2 easy change soles : Normal sole for general use and Open toe sole for better view of work 
  • Presser feet durable metal
  • Screw on fitting, screwdriver provided
  • Can sew decorative stitching with this foot
  • Compatible with: Brother A-Series, F420, F480, 1100, 1300, 1800Q
    for V Series, XJ1, XP1, XV (use foot adaptor supplied with your machine)

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