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Vogue 1838 60s Style Cape Pattern

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Get groovy with the Vogue 1838 60s-inspired Cape Pattern for Women! This lined cape can be made with or without a shaped collar, features slashed arm openings and concealed button closures with a length for every outfit. View A has a hook and eye closure while View B offers a charming button closure, complete with bound buttonholes and the option for braid trim.

Fabrics: Lt.Wt. Woolens, Wool Flannel, Double Knit, Brocade. Interfacing: Sew-In Interfacing. Lining: Lining Fabrics.
Unsuitable for obvious diagonals.
*With Nap. **Without Nap.
Note: Fabric requirement allows for nap, one-way design or shading. Extra fabric may be needed to match design or for shrinkage.