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Prym 390241 Pack of 100 Silver Press Fasteners 15mm Heavy

SKU A2 390241

Heavy Weight non sew press fasteners are ideal for sport, camping and leisure equipment etc. Silver colour, 15mm size. Supplied in great value pack of 100. 

Prym non-sew press fasteners are a high quality item, made in Germany.

This special fastener is not sewn to the fabric, but riveted to the garment using the tool supplied.

Press fasteners with strong fastening strength. Equipped with Prym’s ring spring system and are therefore particularly suitable for heavy demands for all types of leisure and sportswear, camping, tent fabrics or leather.
Beautifully crafted and refined the “Sport and Camping” press fasteners are corrosion resistant and can be washed easily, spin-dried, dry cleaned and ironed.

The press fasteners can either be fitted with the included tool and a hammer
or use with the optional Prym Vario Pliers an efficient and adaptable tool for attaching a whole range of Prym Press Fasteners, Jeans Buttons and Eyelets

Vario Pliers for attaching Prym press fasteners

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