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Pack of 100 Prym Non Sew Press Fasteners, Black 15mm

A2 390240

Great Value pack containing 100 Prym non-sew press fasteners.
These 15mm Heavy Weight fasteners are Ideal for anoraks, tents, bags, fashion accessories and craft.
They have a strong fastening strength and are corrosion resistant

This special fastener is not sewn to the fabric, but riveted to the garment using the tool supplied or using Prym vario pliers

Prym Non-sew press fastener Sport & Camping, 15mm, black oxydized

Basic Fixing Tool and instructions included

Care Instructions

60 °C gentle wash Chlorine bleaching not possible Tumble drying at normal temperature moderately hot iron Dry-cleaning with perchloroethylene or heavy petroleum spirit

Prym Vario Pliers

Versatile pliers for easier and more accurate attaching of Prym non-sew press fasteners also perfect for attatching Prym Eyelets, Jeans Buttons, Rivets and Colour Snaps