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Janome Adjustable Zipper and Piping Foot


Narrow foot ideal for accurate zipper insertion and a must when piping with small, large or jumbo piping cords.

the green adjusting screw at the rear allows you to perfectly position the stitching right up to the zip teeth or piping cord

Screw on foot - fits machines that take clip-on see images.

Genuine Janome presser feet for the best results on your machine

Category A models have a front load bobbin and include:
J3-18, J3-20, J3-24, 219s, 2200XT, 423S,
1004, 1014, 419S, 2139, ENX24, 1012, 1024

Category B models have a top load bobbin and include:
725s, 203DC, 306DC, M50, M100, M200, 4300, 740, 780, HD2200 
521, 525S, 2522LE, 4023, 5024, 6019QC, 6260, 7025, CXL301, DC3050,
DC4030, DC4100, DKS30, DKS100, DXL603, JEM GOLD, JEM PLATINUM, MC-4800, MC-4900, MC-5900, MC-6500P, MY STYLE 22, QXL605, TXL607, XL601, XC33

Category C models, top load high shank:
Atelier 3, Memory Craft 11000, MC1001, MC10000,
MC9700, MC95000, MC9000, MC7700QCP, MC6600P

Category D models, top load 9mm stitch width:
Atelier 5, Atelier 7, Atelier 9
Memory Craft 8200, 8900, 9400, 9900
Memory Craft 12000, 14000, 15000