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Prym Vario Pliers with punching insert, Latest version


Special pliers for the accurate and easy attachment of Prym Press Studs, Fasteners, Eyelets, Jeans Buttons and Jeans rivets to whole range of garments and soft furnishings plus many more applications. This latest version is also compatible with the new Prym Colour Snaps range and includes piercing tools for making 3 and 4 mm holes.
Works with Prym products only

Centuries of experience in metal processing, combined with the latest production technology available today, make Prym products the perfect precision tool. They are made to international quality standards, ensuring every product is of the highest quality.


Prym press fasteners, eyelets, jeans buttons & rivets.
Also available 'Additional Piercing Tools' sizes 3, 4 and 8mm