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Sewing Machine Feet - *Universal Fitting

The feet and accessories on this page can be used on machines that have a front load bobbin system also known as oscillating hook. They are suitable for models that take clip-on presser feet, as shown in the diagram where the distance from the presser foot thumb screw to the sole of the foot is roughly 2cm / ¾".
  • Cording Foot from Jaycotts Sewing Supplies

    Cording Foot


    Stitch down 1,2 or 3 threads all at once to make decorative braid effects.

  • Flower Stitch Foot from Jaycotts Sewing Supplies

    Flower Stitch Foot


    Make circles, flowers, etc - without a hoop! The foam ring on the bottom of the foot grips the fabric to allow even stitching around the design.

  • Open Toe Zigzag Foot from Jaycotts Sewing Supplies

    Open Toe Zigzag Foot


    Open at the front to give a better view whilst sewing, very useful for satin stitch, applique & embroidery.

  • Screw on Zig Zag foot from Jaycotts Sewing Supplies

    Screw on Zig Zag foot


    Regular zigzag/general purpose foot used for sewing zigzag and straight stitching  Screw on type fits many front loading bobbin machines