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Say Hello to the new girl!


We are delighted to have Christi join the Jaycotts team! 

Bringing along her sewing knowledge, skills and experience. Some of you may have already recognised her which is great because you already know what an asset she is. Christi has been teaching sewing since 2012 through her own sewing courses and workshops in North Wales. (She’s been sewing for more years than she is willing to admit !)

Christi will be happy to offer advice and demo's on a variety of machines, and chat about the latest sewing tools, sewing patterns etc. and will also be available to answer quick sewing queries (time and demand permitting).

Through having Christi as part of our team, Jaycotts will be providing opportunities for you to increase your sewing knowledge through our own taught sessions. These are currently in the planning stage so keep your eye on our newsletters, website and our facebook and twitter for details, and if you are in the area, do call in to say hello !

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