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Angelas' Sewing Blog at Jaycotts

Jaycott's are delighted to introduce a new contributor to our website !


I am Angela of sewangelicthreads a blog about sewing for men and women. With lots of hints and tips I can help you to produce a beautiful garment even if you have never sewn before. I also show you how to make gifts and items for the home. 

I learned to sew when I was a child, making clothes for school on my treadle machine, then as time passed and I became a teenager I would buy Vogue magazine and every Saturday would go out and buy material and copy one of the designs to wear out the following Saturday. I was always dressed in the latest fashion!

Years later and I had my elder son I had the opportunity of going to college to study tailoring.  My sewing then progressed to making suits and coats for myself and my boys. 
More recently I had to give up work because I had been very poorly and that was followed by a diagnosis of Parkinsons disease. I wondered what to do with my time and hit upon the idea of a blog to use as a medium in which  to pass all my knowledge of sewing onto others. It took me over a year to take the plunge and get started because I knew what a great commitment it would be.
That brings me to today and I have been totally overwhelmed at how successful my blog is and how many people contact me to ask for help. I never charge, and I do not sell anything by the way. 

I bought my first computerised machine from Jaycotts ten years ago and have always been impressed with their range of goods, their customer service and their willingness to offer advice when making a purchase. I can therefore say with total honesty that I am proud to be associated with Jaycotts and look forward to contributing to their blog!

Thank you so much


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