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Lost your sewing mojo?

Lost Sewing Mojo

I know this seems a strange idea but, do you ever lose your sewing mojo?  Do you ever feel that you want to get back into sewing but can’t quite find the motivation?  I go through phases (all be it short and infrequent) where there is a desire to sew but I just can’t get motivated to.  I have a few strategies that get me back on track and I thought I could share them with you.

Tidy the workroom or sewing space

Sometimes, the motivation is lacking because the space is untidy or full of non sewing relating stuff (the sewing room ends up being a dumping ground for anything other family members want to ‘put away’).  I find that if I spend a few hours tidying the sewing room and making it feel a good place to be, I’m soon back at the machine, often before the tidying is finished!

Review your fabric stash

Because I have fabric in drawers and stacked on shelves 2 levels deep, I can’t see everything I have so forget about some of the stunning fabrics sat waiting to be made into something.  Rediscovering them motivates me to want to do something with them and it is like buying them all over again without the cost!

Work on your PHD

I’m not suggesting you all enrol in Doctorates, I’m suggesting you work on Projects Half Done.  By clearing some of these, you will have space for new things both physically and mentally (if you see what I mean), particularly if any of them were jobs you have agreed to do for someone else.  You could always reward yourself with some sewing related shopping when you have completed a PHD.

Book on a workshop or course

If it has been some time and confidence is running low, a workshop where you don’t need to provide anything or make any decisions (except maybe choose a fabric) could be just what you need to give your skills and your confidence a boost. 



If you're interested in sewing courses and you're in the Chester and North Wales area why not visit for more details 

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