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Sweet Bee Hand Picked Collection 100% Cotton Fabric | Vases

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Designed by Deane Christiansen for Sweet Bee, the Hand Picked collection was inspired by bouquets of flowers the artists husband regularly bought her.  A request one day for some flowers to draw resulted in 4 bouquets being bought, he didn't know which ones she wanted so bought them all.  This beautiful collection of floral inspired fabric was therefore created. With Hand Picked from Sweet Bee, the blooms will go on looking vibrant and fresh for quite some time.

Premium quality cotton fabric with a beautiful soft feel, ideal for sewing, patchwork, quilting, dressmaking and crafts. 100% cotton 112 cm wide. 

Sweet Bee use beautiful quality cotton fabric for their colourful collections which in turn, provide inspiration to those who use them to be creative.  Ideal for sewing, patchwork, quilting, dressmaking and crafts. 

Machine wash cold, delicate, tumble dry low. Do not bleach