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Prym 403102 Pack of 24 Copper Jeans Rivets 9mm

A2 403102

Rivets, or studs for jeans that are used to reinforce the pocket corners and additionally act as a decorative element.

  • Pack of 24
  • Copper colour
  • 9mm diameter
  • Material compositon: Brass / plastic
  • With Fixing tool and instruction

  • Prym’s 9 mm diameter universal rivets with copper coloured top section and smooth black colour for lower section.
    With the tool included in the package, the rivets can be easily attached with a hammer.
    - or use with the optional > Prym Vario Pliers

    Vario Pliers for attaching Prym press fasteners

    Prym Vario Pliers, efficient and adaptable tool for attaching a whole range of Prym Press Fasteners, Jeans Buttons, Rivets and Eyelets

    Demo Video

    How to attach Prym Jeans Buttons