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Prym Patchwork Starter Set 651491


Prym patchwork and quilting set is ideal for beginners or as a comprehensive travel kit . Everything is included: from the folding cutting mat, which makes the set easy to transport, to the Maxi Easy rotary cutter and the extra-long glass-headed pins as well as the handy Omnigrid ruler and an Aqua trick marker – just what every beginner's set ought to offer. In addition, the patchwork and quilting accessories set includes assorted quilting needles, a small prym.ergonomics stitch ripper and a storage box containing sewing machine needles for quilting. The set includes a Prym P&Q catalogue, which gives a comprehensive overview of the entire patchwork and quilting range, together with helpful tips.

  • Folding Cutting Mat 12 x 18"
  • Olfa Rotary cutter - 45mm
  • Prym Quilting pins, 20g pack
  • Prym Water soluble marking pen
  • Prym Patchwork ruler 15 x 30cm
  • Prym Quilters needles 20pk
  • Prym ergonomics stitch ripper