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BED, MATTRESS AND BEDDING ENSEMBLE FOR 18"(46CM) DOLL, TABLE SKIRT, LAMP AND NIGHT STAND: Quilt and Pillow A, Patchwork Quilt and Pillow B, Patchwork Quilt and Pillow with ruffle C, Patchwork Quilt and Pillow D. Throw Pillow E, purchased embellishments. Mattress F, Sheet G. Table Skirt H, purchased doilie. Bed Skirt I with ruffle. Lamp J, Night Stand K, Bed L.
Designed for light weight to medium weight woven fabrics.
SUGGESTED FABRICS: Cotton and Cotton Blends. Also for A,D: Short Pile, Swirl Pile and Bubble Fleece Type Fabrics.
A,B,C,D: Polyester Fiberfill.
D: 3/4 yd. of 3/16" Piping and Heavy Thread.
E: Polyester Fiberfill. Options for each Pillow: 3" Ribbon Flower Applique or Twenty 5/8" Flower Buttons and Three 3/4" Buttons.
F: Heavy Thread.
H: One 12" Doily.
J: 7" Wooden Candle Holder, 3" Shaker Peg, 3/4" Wooden Doll Head for finial, 9oz. Plastic Cup, Sandpaper, White Cloth 32 Gauge Wire, White Quilting Thread, Two Packages of 1/2" Single Fold Bias Tape, Hot Glue Gun, Glue Sticks, Craft Glue, White Gloss Spray Paint, Exacto Knife and Wire Cutters.
K: 61/2" Plastic Flower Pot, 8oz. Bag of Sand, 8" Square piece of Cardboard, Small Plastic Bag, Tape and Craft Glue.
L: Two 6" x 14" or 8" x 131/2" Wooden Plaques for Headboard and Footboard, One 5" Wooden Decorative Trim, 12" x 24" Art Stretch Canvas for Bedframe, Eight 2" Square Wooden Blocks for Legs, Four 11/2" x 3/4" Corner Braces and Sixteen 1/2" Screws, Painters Tape, Screwdriver, Sandpaper, Wood Glue, Craft Glue, Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks and White Gloss Spray Paint.

Fabric widths given in inches.
FABRIC 1A - 45,60***, 3/4 yd.
FABRIC 2A - 45,60***, 3/4 yd.
BATTING A - 45**, 3/4 yd.
FABRIC 1B - 45**, 3/4 yd.
FABRIC 2B - 45**, 1/2 yd.
FABRIC 3B - 18" x 15" Fabric
BATTING B - 45**, 3/4 yd.
FABRIC 1C - 45**, 7/8 yd.
FABRIC 2C - 45**, 5/8 yd.
CENTER PATCH C (Fifteen Bands) - Fifteen Different Fabrics, each 101/2" x 21/2"
BATTING C - 45**, 3/4 yd.
FABRIC 1D - 45,60***, 3/4 yd.
FABRIC 2D (Pillow & Seven Blocks) - 20" x 161/2" Fabric
BLOCKS D (Twenty-one Blocks) - Three Different Fabrics, each 18" x 18"
BATTING D - 45**, 3/4 yd.
E (One) - 12" x 6" Fabric Remnant for each Pillow
F - 45**, 3/4 yd.
BATTING F (Extra Loft) - 45**, 3/8 yd.
G - 45**, 1/2 yd.
H - 45**, 5/8 yd.
I - 45**, 11/8 yds.

Fabric widths given in centimeters.
FABRIC 1A - 45,60***, 0.7m
FABRIC 2A - 45,60***, 0.7m
BATTING A - 45**, 0.7m
FABRIC 1B - 45**, 0.7m
FABRIC 2B - 45**, 0.5m
FABRIC 3B - 38cm x 38cm Fabric
BATTING B - 45**, 0.7m
FABRIC 1C - 45**, 0.8m
FABRIC 2C - 45**, 0.6m
CENTER PATCH C (Fifteen Bands) - Fifteen Different Fabrics, each 6cm x 6cm
BATTING C - 45**, 0.7m
FABRIC 1D - 45,60***, 0.7m
FABRIC 2D (Pillow & Seven Blocks) - 42cm x 42cm Fabric
BLOCKS D (Twenty-one Blocks) - Three Different Fabrics, each 46cm x 46cm
BATTING D - 45**, 0.7m
E (One) - 15cm x 15cm Fabric Remnant for each Pillow
F - 45**, 0.7m
BATTING F (Extra Loft) - 45**, 0.3m
G - 45**, 0.5m
H - 45**, 0.6m
I - 45**, 0.1m


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