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Kanvas Studio Color Sphere | Saturn Stripes Berry

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Saturn Stripes by Greta Lynn from Kanvas Studio are vibrant fabrics blending a number of colours to create texture and depth.  The colours are saturated and brilliant and textures full of movement and light. This is a very versatile range of fabrics which have many uses in dressmaking, patchwork and endless small projects.  

Premium quality cotton fabric with a beautiful soft feel, ideal for sewing, patchwork, quilting, dressmaking and crafts. 100% cotton 112 cm wide. 

Kanvas Studio from Benartex use premium 100% cotton fabric for their colourful collections which in turn, provide inspiration to those who use them to be creative.  Ideal for sewing, patchwork, quilting, dressmaking and crafts. 

Machine wash cold, delicate, tumble dry low. Do not bleach