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Kwik Sew 3734 Swaddler, Sling Carrier & Nursing Cover


SWADDLER Swaddler is lined and has trim in outer edges from lining fabric. Upper part has flaps that overlap with Velcro® closures.
SLING CARRIER Sling in five sizes is double with contrast fabric on one side. Bottom is shaped to cradle infant or carry baby upright on the hip or in front.
NURSING COVER Cover is double with contrast fabric on one side. Top edge has ties and encased boning.

Designed for woven fabrics. 
Suggested Fabrics: Cotton, cotton types, calico, twill, flannel, denim, chambray
Swaddler Lining also in heavy weight knits such as Polarfleece®, blanket fleece, berber fleece, sweatshirt fleece.