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Crossweave 100% Organic Cotton Fabric | Crossweave Spots Dark Blue

SKU Org CWS Dark Blue
Crossweave fabrics are woven with different coloured warp and weft yarns which are dyed prior to the weaving process. Having the different coloured threads creates different shades of the two colours within the fabric. Using pre dyed yarns add to the textured appearance by creating different depths of colour. Their appearance is similar to chambray. Crossweave Spots have the added interest of spots woven into the fabric showing a contrast colour as the predominant yarn from the other side of the fabric shows through. Crossweave is a medium weight fabric, with no right or wrong side, you choose how you use it. Perfect for dressmaking, think shirts, pyjamas, cotton dresses etc. Also perfect for soft furnishings and crafts. 100% cotton 120 cm wide
Key Features

100% Organic grown Cotton, spun into yarn that has been coloured and treated with G OTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified dyes and woven in an environmentally and socially conscious mill.

Care instructions
Machine wash cold, delicate, tumble dry low. Do not bleach Pre washing recommended.