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TailorMaid - Dress Form Small



9 adjusting thumb wheels and 2 adjusting dials. Adjustable back length and neck. Pin cushion in the neck. Pin grip hem marker with graduated hem. Measurements on central pole. 4 footed stand. Covered with nylon, foam backed fabric for easy pinning of garment. Body form comes fully assembled and simply slides on to the stand.

The measurements on this dressform can be personalised by the individual for whom a garment is being made. The white tapes at bust, waist and hips do not show specific measurements, but vertical lines to indicate where the adjusters are opened to. The white tapes should be written on with a pen on each of the 4 tapes at bust, waist and hips.

Manufactured by Adjustoform UK
      • SIZE S: 
        • Bust: 84 - 101cm
        • Waist: 65 - 85cm
        • Hips:  88 - 105cm
        • Adjustable back length nape to waist: 38 - 43cm
        • Neck adjustable 36 - 43cm